Help Guide

1. Make a video:

  • Please unlock smart phone screen or change to autorotate mode and hold your device horizontal with camera on the left side

2. Upload Videos:

  • Currently only mp4 videos format is allowed from the web app. We are working on accommodating other video formats.

3. Manage videos:

  • This allows you to keep track of all the videos for your loved one
  • You may scroll up and down under each individual videos to change frequency suitable for your loved at any given time
  • You may delete the videos as requested by your loved one.

4. Public/YouTube videos:

  • You may subscribe public videos from different categories or subscribe YouTube videos.

5. Invite friends and family:

  • Enter new email address for the invitee and press add button. And email invitation to join your AlzhaTV account will go to your family members. Please ask your family to check Spam or Junk folder if they do not see the invitation email from AlzhaTV their Inbox. The invited family member will follow the step-by-step instructions as described in the invitation email and join your account to upload videos for the loved one.
  • Only one email is allowed per loved one.
  • If you receive the message “This user is already registered”.
  • Please ask the invitee to send you different email address for each loved one.

6. Customer Service:

  • From your Web App/smart phone AlzhaTV app, please enter your message for customer service and some one will respond you back by email.

7. Settings:

  • You may refer to loved one ID from the settings section to enter on FireTV exactly as it appears. Please note it is case sensitive and space sensitive.

8. Log out:

  • If you accidentally logged out of AlzhaTV app, Please re-enter your email address and password and log in to your account.