Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When will AlzhaTV be available?

    All AlzhaTV apps are available. AlzhaTV for the smart phone is available on Apple and Google play store. AlzhaTV TV app is available on Amazon App Store available for fire TV stick. AlzhaTV Web app is available on our website
  • 2. Why AlzhaTV is important?

    AlzhaTV allows family members to communicate with their loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementias while away from home at an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or Nursing Home (NH). AlzhaTV can also help loved one in his/her own home and when family members are away. It could be useful during COVID-19 pandemic when you are not able to have a face-to-face visit with your loved one.
  • 3. How is AlzhaTV different than Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat?

    Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat are for cognitively intact individuals who understand and operate complex technology. AlzhaTV allows instant, automated, looped display of videos for cognitively impaired individuals who are no longer capable of using technology. The videos are made and uploaded by family and friends, and simply displayed on the TV screen of the loved one at home, or an assisted living facility or at a nursing home again and again. Family members customize the frequency of display of these videos to their loved one.
  • 4. What should I expect from AlzhaTV for my loved one, my family, and me?

    AlzhaTV allows you to communicate with your loved one as often as you want. AlzhaTV helps your loved one stay connected to you.
  • 5. Is there a person-in-charge on the side of family and friends?

    No, Any person can invite to the family member
  • 6. What would be appropriate material?

    Family videos, pictures, kid’s school programs, church services- any material at all that your loved one may enjoy or feel connected to!
  • 7. What is prohibited?

    Material that you do not own (such as copyrighted movies and TV programs) is prohibited. Do not upload any violent or pornographic material. Please use your best judgment in deciding the contents!
  • 8. How often can I change videos?

    As often as you want, or you can or at your loved one’s demand.
  • 9. What if my loved one does not like the videos?

    You may delete these videos. Make another type of video and see how your loved one may enjoy those.
  • 10. How often videos will be played to the loved one?

    You may customize the frequency of videos as you like. Choices are auto, hourly, daily, announcement.
  • 11. What do I do, or who do I contact when I have problems with App?

    Simply communicate with customer service through “Customer Service” tab, type your question press send button and we will respond by email. Please check your email inbox or spam or junk folder for the response.
  • 12. Who else can see these videos if the loved one is at a nursing home, assisted living facility or at a personal care home?

    Please remember that the videos are displayed on your loved one’s TV screen in their rooms. Anyone who is authorized to enter your loved one’s room to provide direct or indirect care (including but not limited to staff nurses, nurse’s-aides, social workers, administrative staff, house-keeping staff, doctors, nurse practitioners, hospice staff, therapist, rehab staff, authorized church volunteers) could glance at their TV screen.
  • 13. Would we be able to entertain our loved one with public and You Tube videos and movies?

    Yes. Family and friends may add public, and You Tube videos and movies from “Get public videos” tab. Please use the search button to look for needed public or YouTube videos and subscribe. Some family members have shown You Tube videos of Church Services to the loved one.
  • 14. What if my loved one is extremely hard of hearing, but their vision is good, and they read well?

    Consider using a wireless-headphones or a sound amplifier. Make sure your loved one is wearing a hearing aid with good batteries. To compensate for vision, safely install TV using an adjustable wall mount on the suitable side of the bed. You may make short videos of your written message that your loved one may read on their TV screen.

The most effective and personalized way to utilize AlzhaTV is through the mobile app

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AlzhaTV Apple App
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