How AlzhaTV Helps

About AlzhaTV

AlzhaTV is a smartphone app that enables family and friends who are at a distance to create and upload videos for their loved one. These videos are displayed on personal TV screen of the loved one in his/her room at a selected frequency again and again.In essence, AlzhaTV automatically allows loved one to connect to family members, friends, and outside world without needing to use any technology. This creates a comfortable and familiar environment for their loved one who is not living with family now.

Making and uploading videos for loved one

Family members may communicate via video to their loved one
a. regarding day of the week, day, special occasions
b. provides updates on grand kids and great grand kids.
c. may upload older family videos of weddings and reunions.
d. tell about their next visit with loved one

Frequency and duration to display these videos for your loved one

Family members may control the frequency of each video displayed to their loved one.